Rotary heat exchangers

The right foil for all applications

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  • Condensation Rotor – Non-hygroscopic (ST)
    • The condensation rotor is a cost-efficient solution to recover heat and is suitable for standard applications in comfort ventilation. Humidity is only transferred in cases when the dew point of one of the air streams is reached during winter conditions.
  • Hygroscopic Rotor – Entalphy (SE)
    • The hydroscopic surface of this rotor class supports humidity transfer. Typically used for standard applications in comfort ventilation systems to recover humidity during moderate temperature periods.
  • Sorption Rotor Muonio (HM Molecular Sieve 3Å)
    • The high performance desiccant coatings of the sorption rotor HM Muonio (molecular sieve 3Å) provide a maximum humidity transfer capacity for minimal Carry over.The high humidity efficiency is constant throughout all climate conditions. Sorption rotors are especially designed for summer season cooling recovery and dehumidification of supply air. Therewith, it should always be used in humid and hot climates, with dry cooling systems (chilled beams) and when in winter time humidifiers are used. This substantially reduces the cooling and humidification demand of the HVAC system.


  • Casings are available for the entire product range and are characterized by flexible, modifiable dimensions suitable for air handling units. The robust design prevents rotor movements that can cause leaks.
  • Customers can select rotors to be installed in either fully enclosed cassettes or simple “slide in” frame casings.
  • Depending on the request, the casings are made from alu-zink, aluminium, or from stainless steel.

Drive Equipment

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  • Rotary heat exchangers have optimised temperature efficiency at around 12 rounds per minute (rpm). The optimised humidity efficiency has been determined at roughly 20 rpm.
  • In accordance with the application we deliver the drive system ready-made mounted inside the casing.
  • For climate zones with extensive seasonal variation, the use of a frequency converter is common to control and regulate the efficiency by the revolutions per minute.
  • Hoval Enventus control units are ready-to-run, connected with the drive system. Basic settings are pre-adjusted and the control units are simple to use.

You can depend on Hoval Enventus

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  • You can rely on certified performance data. As a founding member of the Eurovent Certification Program for rotary heat exchangers, our name stands for reliable data.
  • You can depend on our delivery dates. Hoval Enventus stands for absolute punctuality.