Rotary heat exchangers
Sealing System

All casings have adjustable brushsealing around the rotor periphery and along the center beam. The brush seal has an intermediate plastic foil.

Adjustable Purge Sector

Optional purge sector is available in 2,5°, 5° or 10° and prevents contamination of the fresh air with the exhaust air avoiding energy losses.

Storage Matrix

Three types of storage mass are available: condensation, enthalpy/hygroscopic and enthalpy/sorption. The sorption wheel (Muonio) allows constant humidity transfer winter and summer.

Drive equipment

Hoval Enventus provides easy, operationally reliable drive Equipment for both constant and variable drive.

Rotary heat exchangers

Hoval Enventus supplies rotary heat exchangers to producers of air handling units worldwide. Rotary heat exchangers can be used in most types of applications. The three principal areas are comfort ventilation (e.g. homes, offices, hotels and airports); industrial ventilation (e.g. automotive industry) and marine ventilation (cruise liners and coastal environments).

The Hoval Enventus production line allows flexible manufacturing according to the customer’s requirements. We are able to provide customized rotor diameters, casing dimensions and foils for different applications and performance ranges all with short, reliable delivery times.

Hoval Enventus is regarded as a reliable energy recovery partner around the world.

Technical information

  • Receive energy recovery rates between 70-90%
  • Three different foil types available (condensation, enthalpy/hygroscopic or enthalpy/sorption with Molecular Sieve 3Å)
  • Five different wave heights are available to enable optimization of efficiency and pressure drop
  • Diameters of 0,3 – 2,6 m (one-piece) and/or up to 5,0 m (sectorized)
  • Slide-in or modular casings available (one-piece or divided)
  • For vertical or horizontal installation
  • Complete drive equipment available
  • Eurovent and AHRI certified

 » Additional benefits ...

Reduces CO2 emissions
Combined heat and humidity recovery saves costs and energy
Optional purge sector to avoid energy losses
Easy installation with or without casing